About us

Welcome Welcome to the Department of Applied English of Chaoyang University of Technology, the first department of its kind to be established as a higher educational institute in vocational education in Taiwan. We offer solid theoretical and practical courses in applying language skills to meet various workplace demands in both graduate and undergraduate programs. We are a department determined in achieving excellence. Join DAE if you share our determination in achieving excellence. The mission of the Department is to cultivate students in order for them to gain high level foreign language skills to meet the needs of international information and communication in the global economy. Graduates are expected to be skilled professionals who respect work ethics, retain a strategic global vision, and recognize the importance of lifelong learning to overcome challenges in order to excel in their careers. We aim at cultivating the graduates for the following competency: For Undergraduate: 1. High-level proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing 2. Basic proficiency in second foreign language(s)(Japanese, Spanish, etc.) 3. Solid background knowledge in theory and practice of applied English 4. Professional skills in cross-cultural communication, corporate coordination, and cooperation through teamwork 5. Modern computer literacy and skills in presentation in foreign language(s) 6. Capability in cultural creativity and critical thinking For Graduate Students: 1. Capability in research, analysis, and problem-solving 2. Capability in theorizing and empirical application of theories 3. Capability in cross-cultural communication, corporate coordination, and cooperation through teamwork 4. Capability in advanced research and creative application of theories.