Goals and Core Competence


Department Objectives 

To cultivate students’ readiness to enter the workforce through

1.High-level proficiency in English communication skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing

2.Computer and information literacy and competency

3.Professional, cross-cultural, and teamwork interpersonal skills

4.Domestic and overseas internships


Curriculum Planning

AE offers programs that cater to English teaching and business communication


Courses in English Teaching

Courses in Business Communication


Introduction to linguistics, language acquisition, English pronunciation practice, language and culture, English phonetics, English teaching theory, English teaching practice, research methods and writing, literary appreciation, bilingual education research, network information, teaching and communication English teaching.

Economics, English business translation, business documents, business English reading, business English writing, international finance, business psychology, financial English, international trade practice, secretary practice, communication skills, conference English, business practice seminars.



Research methods, English teaching research, globalization and English teaching, culture and English teaching topics, listening to lectures and other topics, vocabulary and reading teaching topics, multimedia English teaching and research, language acquisition topics.

International marketing management, e-commerce channel, international trade, internal communication, international exhibition English, international corporate and culture communication, leisure management, quantitative research and statistics.


Goals and Core Competences 



After graduating, students will enter the workforce and participate in the global economy with English proficiency and confidence, technology skills, a highly developed sense of workplace ethics, and an understanding of continual lifelong learning.

Core competences 


Core competence 1: A high-level of English proficiency in the four communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Core competence 2: Professional application of English in a theoretical and practical environment

Core competence 3: Professional English competencies in communication, management, and team work

Core competence 4: Practical application of using modern technology and presentation skills

Core competence 5: Independent thinking and logical analysis

Core competence 6: Lifelong learning


Core competence 1: Problem analysis, research and solving.

Core competence 2: Understanding theory and applying it into practice

Core competence 3: Teamwork cooperation and cross-cultural communication

Core competence 4: Professional research and its application

Core competence 5: Independent thinking and lifelong learning