Undergraduate Program- Day School

Undergraduate Program- Day School


1. Except for the required humanities courses, such as foreign language, Western literature, and culture, etc. in curriculum planning particularly focus on professional language practical training. The courses are divided into English teaching, international business, and professional language. Students can choose a field according to their life planning.

2. English is the primary language taught in the department. However, in view of how international technology exchanges and global business exchanges have become more frequent, Japanese and Spanish are now offered to expand the practical field of foreign language.

3. In consideration of world trends, the flow of national policies for education, and the realities of the opportunities for students after graduation, our department offers electronic related courses, and we expect that our students will become proficient in operating various different technologies.

4. Furthermore, our department offers basic courses in traditional foreign language, to fulfill humanity requirements and to offer students a wider range of choices when selecting courses.

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Students’ career map
The career map of day school students: Download
Course selection notes 
●Every required course are limited for students in our department, minor-undertaken students, and secondary specialty-undertaken students
●The grouping required courses: English conversation, English writing, English listening and speaking. The list of groups are setting by Applied English department uniformly, students are not allowed to drop the course by themselves. The makeup course can be selected and dropped on Internet system. Students can select the course on the Internet during the primary courses selection to makeup the course.
●The credits of elective language course and required English course (Freshmen English, Sophomore English, on-the-job English) are not listed in graduation credits.
The courses selection rules
一、Professional elective course: The students are allowed to select professional “elective” courses cross day and night school, and the credits will be admitted
二、Professional required courses: The students are allowed to select non-grouping “required” courses cross day and night school to be professional “elective” courses credits.
(It means selecting English listening and speaking, English conversation, and English writing cross day and night school is not allowed.)
三、The courses selection will be allowed during add and drop courses for cross day and night school course selection.
四、The students who want to select courses cross day and night school must follow the third course selection rules of school: Day school students are allowed select night school courses for 12 credits, night school students are allowed select day school courses for 6 credits every semester, two year students are limited in 24 credits, four year students are limited in 48 credits.
 *The rules will be updated on time on this website.