Chaoyang University of Technology shows the International Research Energy to Achieve High Number of Transnational Double Degrees

2017 IEEE International Conference on Awareness Science and Technology was hold by CYUT Informatics College recently. Attracted more than 200 scholars at home and abroad, together Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, India, Macao, mainland China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bulgaria and Gambia scholars gathered in the meeting, in response to perceptual science, perceptual technology, sensing technology applications and other related information technology issues to exchange, fruitful results.
Li Hua Li, the Dean of CYUT Informatics College said the school has more than 60 students to obtain a multinational dual master's degree, which, the information Institute accounted for 41, the performance is very bright eye, therefore, this seminar special invitation to the Japanese Council of Tianjin (University of Aizu) President Ryuichi Oka and Iwate State University (Iwate prefectural University) principals Atsuto Suzuki to Taiwan, respectively, to renew the two-school international dual Master degree program and Cognitive Computing Joint Laboratory Memorandum of Cooperation, in the future in addition to encouraging students to pursue a multinational double degree, Also provide grants for students to go abroad to publish papers and short-term Exchange study, at the same time to integrate the latest information technology development, so that can cultivate the international view of CYUT students . 

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